Chassis Alignment

In most cases after a significant accident, your vehicle’s structural framework, or chassis, will suffer significant warping and bending under the force of your vehicle’s impact. This can drastically affect the way your vehicle handles, to such a degree that driving it becomes impossible.

At Wyndham Accident Repair Centre we have the specialty equipment to accurately measure and compare your vehicle’s chassis with its original factory specifications, allowing us to accurately restore the shape of your vehicle to its original pre-crash condition.

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Panel Repairs

We’re equipped to handle all manner of panel repairs here, from removing minor dents and bumps to whole panel replacement, rust removal, and more. Our technicians will work to ensure you’re perfectly satisfied with the look of your vehicle.

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Paintless Dent Removal

When your vehicle suffers a minor bump, it can be that the metal underneath is dented but the paint layer over it remains unblemished. With lesser workshops it’s often the case that the paint would need to be removed anyway before repairs could be made to the metal.

At Wyndham Accident Repair Centre, however, we have the specialist equipment and technique to mend such dents without damaging the paint, saving you the added time and cost of stripping the paint and repainting the affected area.

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Spray Painting

With our specially constructed climate controlled spray booths and range of PPG Envirobase premium automotive paint, we can accurately match your vehicle’s existing colour, or any other colour for your vehicle.

We can offer customers spot repairs, touch-ups or complete resprays, with a clean, smooth and even coat and a quick drying time in our spray bake ovens, getting you back on the road sooner with your new coat of paint.

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Other Services

Our team at Wyndham Accident Repair Centre offer a range of additional services, including:

  • paint protection
  • windscreen replacement
  • coordination with Mend ‘Em Towing for faster vehicle recovery
  • assistance with restoration projects
  • and much more
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